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YRC Freight is committed to providing Shop! members with special negotiated rates on shipping services, a competitive option for inbound and outbound shipments ranging from 150-7,500 lbs. YRC Freight is a leader in two-to-five-day LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping with comprehensive service throughout North America. Members typically save between 5% to 15% over what they currently pay with their incumbent carrier or logistics provider. We meet your needs by offering a variety of shipping solutions, which include standard, guaranteed, expedited, cross-border, exhibit, truckload, and custom services.The key benefits are: Members receive special negotiated rates; fast, seamless and simple cross-border services throughout North America; experts in trade-show shipping for more than 25 years; no-cost inbound guarantee on trade-show shipments; book, track, and manage your shipments anytime and anywhere at; and YRC Freight Customer Service available 24/7 at 800.610.6500. Call 800.647.3061 or email before your next shipment to compare your current provider磋_s rates to the rates under your association discount program. To request pricing online, visit


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