Visual Retailing


Consumers are more informed and demanding – meaning in-store engagement and experiences are key to revenue growth. In this era of personalisation, stores need to be consistent yet flexible. Our innovative retail solutions help brands with store planning, visual merchandising, and execution. Visual Retailing is a leading retail technology and consultancy company. We supply the most interactive 3D retail experience as well as innovative range assortment and space planning tools to retail chains and wholesalers. Our undeterred passion and expertise have made us the trusted retail specialist and brand partner to numerous international brands. Our philosophy combines tried-and-true techniques with cutting-edge 3D technology. We believe that the various complex processes of retail can and should be streamlined digitally, giving brands the resources they need to succeed in a rapidly changing industry. Prestigious clients include Adidas, ASDA/Walmart, Monoprix, Landmark, Asics, Garcia, Ralph Lauren and ETRO. With Visual Retailing, customers gain a strong strategic partner that offers innovative retail solutions – from store planning and visual merchandising to retail execution.


Haarlem 2013 AS