Multi Bag Inc.


High quality custom made bags and packaging since 1978 Our sales team has expert knowledge of new styles, classic packaging, new trends, choices of materials, printing and design to provide clients with custom made packaging solutions. Here at Multi Bag, we work with you to satisfy your company’s demands and deliver products and services according to your organization’s unique needs. Let our staff turn your bag into a sexy marketing tool that will promote your brand or message for years to come. Your custom made bag is like a walking billboard! Really… it’s all in the bag! Retail Chain Stores, Boutiques, Garment Trade, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Governments (Municipal/Provincial/State), Universities Whether you have hundreds of retail outlets worldwide, a handful of local restaurants, 50 student dorms or a municipality with millions of residents, we have the production capacity and distribution expertise to manufacture and supply your organization with the bags you need. Our bags and packaging products are used by major retail chain stores in your local malls, restaurants for takeout meals, students in university dorms and citizens in major metropolitan areas as well as residents in distant communities.


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