Lozier Corp.


Lozier Corporation is an industry leader in providing store fixtures to major retailers around the world. Since 1956 we have been committed to quality and service, providing the best total value for our customers. Together, Lozier and our Specialty Fixtures by Lozier division offer unparalleled capabilities in design, manufacturing and distribution, all of which means more options for you. Our in-house design team has the experience and expertise to shape your concepts into reality. We produce a wide range of fixture solutions from the backroom to the checkout. Plus, we have the ability to work in all materials姉攊n any combination姉攖o provide retail fixturing that is both attractive and functional. With 5.4 million square feet of manufacturing capacity plus a robust import program, we can create the custom solution you姉萺e looking for, on time and on budget. More capabilities, more solutions - Lozier has more for your store!


6336 John J Pershing Drive
Omaha, Nebraska 68110
United States

Fax: (402) 457-8297

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