InShelf ultra-wide 8.8” SmartScreen smarten up your retail shelves, inexpensively. InShelf is our new line of quality, robust, industrial grade, shelf mounted SmartScreens. InTrack - power up your retail space in no time, inexpensively. InTrack is a patented, original, smart, robust and safe power distribution track which makes it easy and inexpensive to power up any retail space. InFlex - Professional line of Digital Signage, easy to install, maintain and upgrade. Always, - smart designs that solve important real “retail life” obstacles - constructed to be effortless and swift to install - flexible, easy to modify, update and maintain - integrate seamlessly in real “retail life” settings - designed with clean lines to make your retail space look polished - designed to be space efficient - engineered to be energy efficient - tested and certified to be safe - made robust using quality, industrial grade components to endure real “retail life” - priced reasonably so you can use them everywhere you want


3416 Atlantic Circle
Naples, Florida 34119
United States



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