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Since 1976, Audio Authority has been designing and manufacturing interactive electronics to demonstrate hi-fi systems in the retail environment. The scope of Audio Authority's services has grown so much, we now use the Ascentic brand to encompass our interactive systems for demonstrating consumer electronics and appliances, headphones, car audio, home audio and video, household goods, toys and tools. We design touchless interfaces, touchscreens, and other automated demonstration systems operated by product select buttons, volume controls, and motion sensors. Capabilities include video playback, audio demonstration, remote control for product demo, and interactive lighting effects. The Ascentic engineering team can develop custom touchscreen applications, and stand alone apps on the Android®, Linux®, Windows® and iOS® platforms. From our full service facility in the heart of the US, we design, manufacture, deploy and support demonstration systems for retailers around the world. Our project management team works closely with brands, retailers, and fixture houses to ensure every project is installed smoothly and keeps doing its job in each location. Since our engineering, manufacturing, shipping, and support teams are all housed in one building, we can provide a coordinated, informed response to your needs.


2048 Mercer Road
Lexington, Kentucky 40511-1071
United States

Central Kentucky

Fax: 859-233-4510

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Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, EST.


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